Many players prefer the download version of the casino software. A setup file is loaded from the casino web page, when the file is executed, it installs all the games locally on your computer. You can then start the casino software by going into the “Start Menu” and clicking the corresponding entry for the casino software. Every time you visit the casino software, the software will automatically check if you have installed the latest software version on your computer.

Due to today’s high download speeds, the downloadable version is the most popular version since this version also often offers some additional games to the players. In general, the quality of the game, the graphics, and the sound in the download version is better compared to the Flash (Online) version. The game speed is often faster and less delays occur when a new game is loaded. The reason for this is that all required files, usually already downloaded, are stored locally on your computer, so not much data is exchanged with the game server and the game runs without interruption. The only downside to the download version is that the setup file may be relatively large, so it may take some time to download the file (especially slow Internet connections) during initial installation.

There are also some players who prefer the online version of the casino software. These versions are usually developed with Flash or Java technologies, without loading files on their computer. After you open an account in the online casino of your choice, you only have to go to the casino website and search for the link to start the Flash Casino software.

The advantages of the “No Download” / Flash version is that you do not have to install anything locally on your computer in order to play in the Internet casino. A great advantage when you play in many different casinos or if you have very little space on their hard drive. The disadvantage is that you have to install the corresponding Java or Flash technology on your computer before the “No Download” versions of the casino software are functional. In addition, the quality of the games is often slightly older and worse than the download version. It is best to try both versions of a casino – then you can make your own choice.

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